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Although fall can be the best time to embark on an adventure across the country, it also presents issues that can make your windshield extremely dirty. Between bugs, dust and summer rainstorms, there are plenty of reasons to keep your windshield clean. Although it might seem quite simple to perform such a task, there are important things to remember when tackling the issue.

Some motorists might be guided by the misconception that windshield wiper fluid doesn't need to be changed because it's not used on a regular basis. However, fluid can expire more quickly than one might realize, causing nothing but water to squirt from the wipers. Instead of figuring out how to replace the windshield washing fluid yourself, you should ask a certified mechanic to replace it whenever you're having other components inspected.

The cost of replacing your windshield washer fluid is usually so low that there's no reason not to have a certified mechanic do it for you during a routine oil change or inspection. Keeping your windshield clear of obstruction is the best way to ensure safety on the open road.

Reasons to Keep Your Windshield Clean

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