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Many people who wash their cars at home don't understand why they should spend a little more time to wax. Washing the vehicle on a weekly or bi-weekly basis is great, but it will do nothing to protect it from the elements. Waxing your car is one of the only ways to ensure that the paint job lasts as long as possible.

No matter what you do, your car's finish will deteriorate after a certain amount of time. Waxing will most likely slow this process by protecting the finish from ultraviolet rays, acid rain, salt corrosion (especially if you live near the coast or in colder climates where the roads are frequently salted), general pollution, insect fluids and bird droppings. There are many types of waxes that can perform a variety of functions - so before you decide to apply the polish, be sure to figure out which type is most suitable for your automobile.

Not only will waxing your car protect it from the outside world, but it can also make the finish shine. With the right type of polish, your vehicle can be just as appealing as it was when it came off the lot.

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