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Your relaxing drive through the countryside can turn stressful in a moment if you hear the sound of a flat tire. Even with Roadside Assistance and a car repair warranty, you can find yourself stuck since tire shops are not always open on weekends, especially in small country towns.

To prevent this extra hassle and save money, and in case a repair shop is unavailable, it's extremely useful to learn the steps of changing tires.

The Fast Way to Change a Tire

Car Care and Maintenance

1. Place a wheel chock or large rock in front and back of two other tires to prevent rolling.

2. Remove the hubcap, if necessary.

3. Loosen the lug nuts with a tire iron.

4. Carefully apply your jack to the bottom of the car (check the owner's manual for safe instructions) to remove the old tire.

5. Remove all the lug nuts, but make sure you don't lose them because they're not easy to replace.

6. After removing the old tire and replacing it with the new one, reapply the lug nuts and tighten them.

7. Lower the jack, and be sure the lug nuts are as tight as can be.

Some drivers fear changing their own tires, but most will find the process to be much quicker and simpler than they imagined. Try to learn the steps and be prepared while on the road.