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If you notice that there is a nasty little black stain in your usually spotless parking spot, it's relatively easy to jump to the conclusion that your oil is leaking. Although the solution to this problem seems rather obvious, there are some other factors you might want to consider since any oil that leaks can be harmful to your yard and the surrounding environment.

There are some products and motor oils at stores that claim to seal oil gaskets and solve a leak problem once and for all, but this method is usually quite unreliable. The best solution for sealing the leak is to take your vehicle to a certified mechanic and let them do the work. It's not very convenient to tackle this issue by yourself. Even if you know enough about the mechanics to seal the leak, the oil will likely leave too much of a mess for you to deal with. Mechanics have the proper tools to dispose of this sticky substance.

Oil stains can be very tough to clean from your driveway, so be sure to take care of the problem and go to a mechanic immediately if you notice a leak. Also, to save your oil gasket, it's wise to check for stains even if you've never had such a problem before.

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