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There are plenty of challenges that accompany night driving - low visibility and driver fatigue among others. However, your situation can become even more complicated should you experience engine failure on a dark, vacant road in the middle of the night. Here are some car travel tips and car safety tips on how to handle this situation.

Call for assistance

This may seem like a no-brainer, but one of your first courses of action should be to call for help, according to Ensure you have a cell phone charger in your vehicle so you're never facing a low battery when making an emergency call. While calling a relative or a towing service is fine, you might want to call the police if you feel you're endangered or in a bad area.

Stay visible

Even if there are streetlights nearby, it's important that you make you and your vehicle as visible as possible. This is vital so assistance can find you easily and other passing cars don't inadvertently hit you. In addition to turning on your car's hazard lights, you might also want to put down some neon reflective markers.

How to Handle Engine Failure in the Middle of the Night

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