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Leather seats are perhaps one of the most luxurious qualities of a car, especially since they can increase the vehicle's value. Their flexibility can also enhance the level of comfort. However, leather seats can often be more difficult to maintain than seats with cloth materials.

Most importantly, leather seats are susceptible to heat retention, which can sometimes make them unbearable during the peak of summer. For this reason, it's best to either cover them with light-colored towels or apply window guards to protect them from excessive sunlight.

To prevent the fine leather from being scratched, you should vacuum them on a regular basis. Additionally, use leather cleaners to make the seats look top-notch and give them an appealing smell. Using improper household cleaners can leave the seats looking worse than ever. After the cleaning solution is applied, you should blotch the leather with a dry cloth to absorb the excess fluid.

To give leather seats the right type of shine, you should make sure they're cleaned on a regular basis. You typically want the interior of your car to be appealing and inviting for passengers.

How to Maintain Your Leather Car Seats

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