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During the hottest months of summer, be cautious about what you leave in the car. You should never leave your pets or children in the car, as they're susceptible to heat exhaustion. Additionally, there are certain items that should never be left in a hot car for the sake of cleanliness and safety.

1. Sunglasses. If you like to wear sunglasses while driving, it's best to keep them in the house so they don't burn your face when you put them on.

2. GPS and other electronics. Don't risk losing GPS devices as a result of overheating. Video or digital cameras allow you to document family road trips, but leaving them in the sun for too long can easily ruin tapes and erase those valuable memories.

3. Sunscreens or medications. A summer road trip calls for plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, but you and your fellow travelers may also need to carry medications with you. Leaving sunscreens and medications in a hot car can cause them to lose their potency due to the excessive heat, so try to keep these items with you when you get out of your vehicle.

Other products like groceries, batteries and disposable lighters can also pose problems if left in a hot car. Following these car care tips can help you remember what to take with you when you exit the vehicle on a hot day.  

Items That Should Never Be Left in a Hot Car

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