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It doesn't matter if you drive often or not. There are important items you need to keep on hand in one place, and they can be hard to manage when you're on the go. Certain items should always be kept in glove compartments, especially since they're spacious enough to hold papers and necessary items.

1. Driver's registration. This is an item that should always be kept somewhere safe in the car. Stowing it in the glove compartment will prevent you from tossing it in the back, losing it under your seat or throwing it away while cleaning.

2. Driver's manual. Although many drivers hardly ever reference the manual, it should be tucked away somewhere safe in case the need to skim it should arise.

3. Emergency contact information. It's a good idea for every traveler to have a list of numbers to dial in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Top Five Items to Keep in Your Glove Compartment

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4. Your extended warranty paperwork. Most extended warranties, including EasyCare, have Roadside Assistance numbers you can call if you need a tow truck or need to be directed to your closest dealership for repairs. And, it will help your mechanic to have contact and coverage information on-hand when handling your repair claim.

5. Cell phone charger. Getting stuck when your car breaks down is never fun, but if you don't have the means to call for help it can be especially difficult. Prepare for all possibilities and you're bound to enjoy your time on the road.