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With properly maintained fluids, you can enjoy your vehicle for thousands of miles more than you would otherwise expect. Certain fluids, like oil and coolant, are essential to the lifespan of your car. Not only should they be changed on a regular basis, but they should be adjusted to the appropriate levels.

A car that's running low on oil will eventually experience engine failure. In the same way that water is imperative for life forms, engines need a proper amount of oil to function. The oil level can be inspected within a matter of minutes by simply popping the hood and removing the dipstick. If there isn't enough oil in the gasket, you should take your vehicle to a certified mechanic and have him change it. Trying to manage this task on your own will most likely lead to a very sticky mess. Other fluids that should be checked regularly include transmission fluid, coolant, lubricants for the brakes and windshield washer fluid.

By properly managing your car's fluids, you can ensure that long drives will go smoothly. Not only this, but your engine will most likely perform at an optimal level.

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