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When it comes to road hazards, the biggest dangers to you and your vehicle are often other drivers. Even if you follow all the car safety tips in the book, you may still find yourself in a jam due to a poor decision on someone else's part. To help minimize these unfortunate accidents, here are some car travel tips on practicing defensive driving.

Don't trust anyone

While this may be a bad practice in your personal life, on the road it can make all the difference. If you assume that every driver around you is a potential hazard, you can stay in a cautious mindset that will help you identify vehicles displaying dangerous driving practices.

Tunnel vision

In traffic, it can be easy to slip into an automatic mode of basing your own driving on the behavior of the vehicle in front of you. However, this can be a problem if the driver in front of you brakes unexpectedly. According to, you should focus your attention on the road ahead to stay aware of any shifts in traffic or road conditions.

Tips for Practicing Defensive Driving

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