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The restraint of seat belts and baby seats, while obviously critical, are not the only thing you need to keep in mind to make sure your children are safe in the back seat. Parents want to take the same safety measures they would at home to ensure that their kids don't do anything to harm themselves in vehicles.

First and foremost, cleaning products and chemicals should never be stashed underneath the backseats, and anything small enough for a child to choke on should be removed from the car.

Foldable car seats should always be upright and locked into place in order to keep young ones from crawling into the trunk.

Although the invention of child-proof door locks is a great safety feature, it can't always be relied upon to keep a child inside. For this reason, you should never leave a youngster unattended in the car, especially with the keys still in the ignition.

How to Child Proof Your Car

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As many children enjoy playing pranks by hiding in trunks, check with the local dealership to make sure your vehicle has a trunk safety release as an extra precaution.

It should always be a general rule that the car doesn't move unless you can make sure everyone is safely buckled. Be sure to provide your children with toys and other minor distractions to keep them occupied, and never tend to their sudden need for attention unless you're pulled over and completely stopped.

Child proofing a car before any commute is the best way to stay focused on driving without having to constantly glance in the rear view mirror to ensure the safety of your kids.