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According to most safety experts, the vast majority of car accidents are completely preventable. Knowing the primary causes of major accidents may make help keep you safe.

Adjust Music and Cell Phone Before Driving

Simple distractions are by far the most common causes of accidents. If you're a music lover, be sure to have your song choices adjusted before hitting the road. If you must use your phone while driving, hands-free cell phones are essential so that you can keep both hands on the wheel. Note that talking while driving is even illegal in many states.

Stop Speeding and Keep an Eye on the Speedometer

You will also want to avoid speeding. If you're driving long distances on the interstates, check the speedometer on a regular basis, so that you will have the control you need for curvy roads or to react to other vehicles.

How to Avoid Car Accidents

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Keep a Cushion

Traffic obviously increases the likelihood of accidents, but you can’t always avoid driving during traffic periods. When driving in traffic, maintain a safety cushion in front of, and beside your vehicle. Move away from any vehicles that move erratically.

Slow Down When It Starts Raining

Hydroplaning can easily occur on any road that's wet, even those that seem fairly dry after a light sprinkle. Maintaining a slow speed, coupled with driving at a steady rate (without braking hard), is the safest way to handle driving in the rain.

Be Alert in Commuter Traffic

Remember, if you hit the back of the car in front, you get the ticket, no matter what the excuse. If the car ahead stops suddenly for any reason, you'll pay the fine for following too closely. Even if you're extra cautious when it comes to commuting, you still have other drivers to contend with. Stay alert and avoid distractions for an accident-free drive.